Farhan Abadullahram, Pakistan native and recently-hired New York cab driver, found himself contemplating his decision to quit his former job as a bus driver. "You know how many times I've cleaned up puke this week? Seven, the same number of times I've been asked why I put up a plastic divider. No, it's not because I think you'll rob me. Between me, my mirror-hanging dice and my wallet, you'd do better mugging a pizza boy. I'd just rather keep the throw up on your side."

In addition to being thrown up on, Farhan has been yelled at, spit on, stiffed, and flashed. "It's never the genitals you want to see," remarked Mr. Abadullahram. After just two weeks on the job, he's considering other options. "The other day, this guy honked at me. His passenger rolled down the window, yelled, "FUCK YOU" and gave me the finger. As he put his hand back in, I noticed he was being driven in a limo." Now that looks like a great job.