First, knocked up is the best comedy of '07, hands down.

Now, the biggest problem I had w/ this movie is not the sincerity of the characters, who were in fact more real than 40 Y.O.V, but the lack of realism in the plot.

First, the bar scene where they meet. Allison, hot successful chick, is not even drunk when she decides to stay w/ dowdy Ben over her sister who is leaving. Reality check, girls always leave together, especially sisters.

Second, the pregnancy. Allison is worried she'll lose her job and be forever linked to a guy she barely knows or likes and she decides to keep the baby. Reality check, American girls in this situation abort. And if not, there'd better be a strong religious aspect or I'm not buying it.

Third, Ben sticks around. Sure she's hot, but they have nothing, and I mean, nothing in common personality-wise. They fight, he decides to finally read the pregnancy books and comes back. Reality check, Ben would not completely change in real life, he’d run. The only way he stays is if she gets forced to have the kid b/c her parents find out and are deeply religious, her job says she can keep and even get promoted in her job if she has segments on E! (where she works) including Ben, and Ben signs something w/ E! that, if broken, would not only get him fired, but deported (he's canadian living in U.S. illegally).

All the tools were there to make this plot an air-tight reality. Unfortunately, I was busy masturbating to Mr. Skin's website during the directing of this film. A-


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