Lately, I've seen a bunch of heavy handed movies whose message is udder conformist propaganda bullshit! The Intership was a 90 minute Google commercial. The Last Stand was directed, I presume, by the CEO of Chevy's son who just got kicked out of filmschool for reading Robert Rodriguez's book instead of paying attention. But Kickass 2 takes the fucking cake. I get why Jackass has disclaimers not to try this at home, but do we really need this for a bunch of superhero nerds fighting crime? Showing dorks fight crime while telling you to follow the rules and not fight when you see something wrong is the equivalent of smoking a cigarette while telling you not to smoke. Jim Carrey smoked the biggest hypocritical dick in this one. So much that after his gun-toting performance, he went public supporting gun-banning legislature. Good. God. Man. The point is comedies don't need messages. The more you try to make a point, the less option you have to be funny.

Now, Anchorman 2. It didn't need a message, but it has one, and it's good! And it's funny! I didn't even really care for the first one. I didn't dislike it, but I always felt like it was overhyped. This one is underhyped. Probably b/c mainstream media wouldn't like to push a movie that shows the evolution of the bullshit news that pervades the airwaves today. Best movie, not even comedy, I've seen in well over a year! Sure there are flaws. The fight sequence pissed me off b/c a bunch of stars shoe horned themself in. Will Smith had no place in this movie, Jim Carrey added nothing, but they all had to have their little moments which just pulled the movie down. But it is a testament to the power of this movie that so many stars were clawing to get cameos.


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